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Over 40 mln visitors in Forum Lviv

Anna Pakulniewicz 24 June 2019

UKRAINE Over 40 mln people have visited the Forum Lviv shopping centre since its opening in September 2015.

“The people of Lviv have acknowledge the Forum Lviv shopping centre as a convenient location in the city centre with a wide selection of brands and a unique atmosphere. We will continue to improve the positioning of Forum Lviv as a favourite place to meet to go shopping in Lviv, which is demosntrated by the high footfall in the shopping centre and the financial results of its tenants,” said Marina Nesterenko, the director of Forum Lviv.

Forum Lviv, is a 69,000 sqm gla mall on Pid Dubom [Під Дубом] street, close to the National Opera Theatre and Lviv’s market square. The top floor of the three-storey shopping centre includes a cinema, an entertainment zone and restaurants with a view of the city.

Forum Lviv was developed by Multi Ukraine with two Ukrainian real estate partners: Galereja Centre and Bud House Group.

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