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Zonifero to manage your office

Eurobuild CEE 09 July 2019
POLAND TenderHut has created the Zonifero subsidiary to develop an app to help people find their way around an office building.

The system can be used to find the desk of a particular worker within a building and direct couriers and visitors to where they need to go granting them access to only those parts of a building that are required. The app was born after affiliated company SoftwareHut increased in size seventeen times in its first year of operations. Employees had no idea where their colleagues were sitting. “I knew I had to quickly find a system so that despite the company’s rapid growth, it did not lose its family atmosphere, which was conducive to its creativity,” says Robert Strzelecki, a deputy CEO of Tenderhut. The prototype was developed within the company so that employees could test it out and report what they found useful before offering it to their foreign clients. “The app appealed so much to our foreign partners that they asked us to let them use it in their offices. One of the first role outs was inthe French headquarters of Thermo Fisher Scientific,” he adds.

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