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Retraining for automation

Agnieszka Zielińska 11 July 2019
POLAND Every third person surveyed for the Top CDR – Digitally Responsible Company report believes that automation will mean that they will have to retrain or change their jobs within the next ten years.

Almost one third of respondents stated that already IT reduced the number of jobs, which compares to around 72 pct of those surveyed in the US in a separate report for PewResearch with only one third being optimistic for the future.

“Polish employees are not fully aware of the coming changes. It is predicted that most repetitive simple tasks requiring few qualifications will be performed by robots. And more complicated professions such as lawyers, doctors and television presenters are being replaced. Chatbots are replacing traditional customer service and robots are improving service in the restaurants and automated cash registers are replacing the work of cashiers. Meanwhile the development of artificial intelligence is creating new jobs requiring skills in data analysis and programming,” explains Iwona Kubicz, the president of the coordinator of the Top CDR press office.

CDR believes that a digitally responsible company needs to mitigate the adverse effects that result from digitisation. Such actions have a direct bearing on a company and its relations with its clients. “Companies are becoming waking up to the importance of digitisation. They are starting to organise training sessions to teach digital skills, implement cyber security and modernise internal communication,” adds Iwona Kubicz.

Monika Marta Przybysz, a professor at Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw, agrees: “Employers are beginning to realise that incorporating digital responsibility into their company's DNA will lead to greater success. Also employees want to acquire new skills and competences to improve their competitiveness,” she claims.

According to the CDR survey, around 40 pct of digitally responsible companies are training their employees so that they will acquire the new skills to avoid job loss in the face of progressive automation.

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