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Eurobuild CEE 15 July 2019
POLAND Autodesk has taken a peek into the future and published its ‘Construction, Innovations, Vision of Sector Leaders 2025’ report.

The report is based on data from the ASM - Centre for Market Research and Analysis who interviewed the senior managers of the top construction companies in Poland. The respondents agreed that we are facing technological evolution and not revolution as new systems are to be introduced over the coming years. Most of these new technological systems are already available and are simply to find broader usage on the market. The industry is currently facing the challenges of a lack of available labour, high prices for both materials and energy while building work has also to become more sustainable. Also both the demands of the housing market and of investors are changing.

The future of the construction industry is to be dominated by sustainability, energy efficiency, alternative building materials and alternative energy. Another important trend is that construction waste is to be minimised and the energy consumption involved in both the production and transport of building materials is to be reduced.

Many jobs in construction are to be automated and new electronic tools will have to be developed to make the documentation available not only within a company but also between all those involved in a project. New materials are soon to be developed as a result of scientific research as well as closer partnership with suppliers. Less paperwork will be produced, data analysis is to be more widely used and more projects are to be constructed using BIM.

“The report highlights the importance of partnerships and new technology, especially in planning, communication and optimisation. BIM is extremely important as is including all the participants in the design and construction,” says Przemysław Nogaj, the AEC manager at Autodesk.

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