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Millenials to change the face of warehousing

Eurobuild CEE 15 July 2019
Millenials to change the face of warehousing
Marzena Tkaczuk, Jarosław Czechowicz and Oskar Kasiński discuss HR issues in warehousing
POLAND Warehouse employees are increasingly being provided with the kind of amenities that are normally seen in office buildings, was the conclusion of the discussion panel on human resources at the 15th CEE Warehouse & Logistics Conference organised by Eurobuild CEE.

“The millennials entering the job market know their value and require significantly better working conditions than the previous generation. This trend was first seen in the office sector but it now also includes other segments of the real estate market. During job interviews, candidates ask not only about their salaries but also about the working conditions, their career opportunities and the incentive system, and what is most important of all is the location and transport to their future workplace,” claimed Oskar Kasiński, the CEO of HR Design, who was the moderator of the panel.

“Warehouse tenants are paying more attention to working conditions and looking at it on several levels. Firstly there is safety such as is there LED lighting installed in the centre, which is beneficial for both the reasons of sustainability and energy savings but is also better for the lighting, preventing accidents. Secondly there is aesthetics – tenants are paying more attention to the interior design and the selection of the finishing materials, so that storage and social rooms must simply be nice. And thirdly they look at wellbeing. A canteen is already now standard and it is increasingly replacing the kitchen in the warehouse. Outside relaxation zones are increasingly being created in warehouses for the same reason including small gyms and sports fields. There are summer houses and shelters with green areas and benches. What is important is these areas aren’t just for the warehouse workers but also for the drivers who have to spend much of their time in logistic centres waiting for their vehicle to ;loaded or unloaded,” said Jarosław Czechowicz, the country manager at Goodman Poland.

“Today the labour market is an employee market in the warehouse sector, which means that small details sometimes determine whether a job offer is accepted. Interestingly, employees have stopped fearing that automation reduces employment. Companies are growing so quickly that the introduction of new technology must go hand in hand with sourcing new employees,” added Marzena Tkaczuk, the BTS development director at Panattoni Europe.

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