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Czerniaków to stay green

Anna Pakulniewicz 23 July 2019
POLAND The city of Warsaw has passed a spatial development plan for Czerniaków Południowy.

“(...) the plans are intended to protect the lake from uncontrolled development,” says Rafał Trzaskowski, the mayor of Warsaw. Lake Czerniakowskie (which is an adjoining nature reserve and is not covered by the plans) serves as a reservoir for the city. The plan covers an area of around 90 ha in Mokotów, in a meander on the flood plain of the Vistula and delineates two areas with one set aside for residential development and the other to be left undeveloped. The intention is to create a modern garden estate with a ring of artificial ponds surrounded by greenery that will protect the neighbouring reserve and ensure a high water level. “Work on the plan began with a very thorough scientific study which became the basis for ideas that were repeatedly discussed. The environment was the priority from the very beginning,” insists Prof. Krystyna Solarek the main architect of the plan. “This area is full of wild life and the plan protects migration routes and maintains the natural habitat. At the Environmental Protection Office, we paid great attention the plan as it was being drawn up, and we commented on it four times. I am pleased to say that almost all of our remarks and criticisms were taken into account,” says Paweł Lisicki, a deputy director of the Environmental Protection Office of Warsaw.

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