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Invest in the fitness industry!

Invest in the fitness industry!
POLAND In Europe it is still trendy to be fit. The beneficiaries of this trend are not only the people who live a healthy life but also the companies which operate in the fitness industry. At present, nearly 62.2 million people, i.e. 3.5% more than a year ago, attend European fitness clubs. The income of fitness clubs amounted to 27.2 billion euro in 2018. As it is indicated in the sixth edition of the “The European Health & Fitness Market 2019” report created by an advisory company Deloitte in cooperation with EuropeActive organisation, the Polish market of fitness services will continue to grow in the next years.

Nearly 3 million Poles go to fitness clubs, whose number reached more than 2.5 thousand at the end of last year. However, only 8% of Polish citizens make use of services offered by fitness clubs, which shows how huge development perspectives this industry may have in the future. A perfect place where you can get to know the opportunities of investments in the fitness industry is FIWE Fitness Trade Show United 2019 – the biggest trade show of this kind in Central and Eastern Europe. The trade show will take place from 13 to 15 September in Warsaw.

One of 24 events surrounding the trade show will be FIWE Investors Conference aimed at entrepreneurs and private persons which will present the opportunities of investments in the fitness & wellness market in Poland. The leading topic of the conference will be a presentation of investment trends backed by case studies. A variety of business models will be presented. The examples of the biggest investments as well as legal aspects will be introduced. The participants of the conference will also acquire knowledge from the field of personal branding, time management, negotiations and making key decisions under time pressure.

This year, apart from a range of attractions and solutions whose aim is to attract foreign businesses to the trade show, the event organisers are planning to Unite Fitness Industry during the International CEO Debate. On a business day (13 September, Friday) CEOs, distributors and producers of different service sectors, industry experts and professionals with years of experience in the fitness industry will meet at one table to talk. All of them, together, will think about the direction in which the fitness industry is going, what makes the Polish market different from the foreign markets, which foreign models are worth implementing in Poland, how to deal with activation of membership cards’ holders and what challenges are there for the fitness industry.

The participants:
– Aleksandra Tokarewicz – CEO OK System Polska S.A. / CEO Medicover Benefits Sp. z o.o,
– Małgorzata Burdziełowska – Director of Operations Fitness Academy,
– Mateusz Pazdan – President of the board SFD.SA
– Łukasz Dojka – CEO Xtreme Fitness Gyms,
– Mikołaj Nawacki – President and Founder Calypso Fitness,
– Radosław Jarmuła – President of the board TUF Fitness,
– Maciej Wolny – CEO TOP GYM,
– Sebastian Goszcz – Ekspert,
– Krystian Kempa – Ekspert,
– Jarrod Saracco – Fitness industry consultant,
- Wojciech Szwarc – Member of the board Benefit Systems SA

Technogym is a golden sponsor of the trade show. A Silver Sponsor title goes to B:FIT, Swanson and, PerfectGym. The strategic partners of the event are LifeFitness and MIHA Bodytec. Other event partners include: APUS Sport, Nutrend, Olimp Sport Nutrtition, IronMaxx, and Costa Coffee. The trade show is going to be visited by more than 200 exhibitors from Poland and abroad.

Business Tickets to FIWE Fitness Trade Show United 2019 are available online from PLN 35. For the descriptions of all trade show events go to www.fiwe.pl . For the readers of our magazine we have a discount code: EUROBUILD, a discount of – 15% for any ticket. See you at the trade show!

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