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Graphene to insulate buildings

Eurobuild CEE 02 August 2019

POLAND The Warsaw University of Technology is working on materials based on grapheme that act as thermal insulators, which could eventually be used in façades, windows and fabrics.

Graphene is a form of carbon with a molecular structure that is just one atom thick. The Warsaw University of Technology team is working on a system that will be used for the so-called radiation barrier. Eventuall grapheme could be used in could air conditioning in buildings and motor vehicles. in the future.

The researchers have conducted their initial studies. In the future more thorough test can be expected with grapheme being used under a variety of conditions. “Graphene blocks electromagnetic radiation. This has been widely studied mainly for military applications in terms of microwave radiation and also recently for terahertz frequencies. We thought about checking the properties of graphene for infrared radiation because little is known about this,” says Marta Mazurkiewicz-Pawlicka from the faculty of chemical engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology.

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