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WXCA to design Wielkopolska Uprising Museum

Agnieszka Zielińska 07 August 2019
WXCA to design Wielkopolska Uprising Museum
The winning design features a round central court surrounded by small museum buildings

POLAND Warsaw studio WXCA has come first in the competition to design the concept of the new Museum of the Wielkopolska Uprising, dedicated to the events surrounding the Greater Poland Uprising of 1918/19.

According to the jury of the competition, which was organised by the Wielkopolska Museum of Independence, the winning design successfully combines the creation of a new public space relating the history of the uprising with the Wielkopolska province’s 19th century ‘Organic Work’ movement to educate the Polish masses.

WXCA’s concept is designed to reflect the symbolism of victory, but without interfering with the context of its location by dominating the neighbouring hill with the 800-year-old Church of St Wojciech. The studio’s proposal is to have a circular concourse as the central point of the complex surrounded by small museum buildings.

“Through such a layout, we would like to remind people about the beginnings of our country, about the castles and settlements the first communities were formed in,” explains Małgorzata Dembowska, a co-author of the design.

The space created by the layout of the buildings is intended to symbolise victory, while the open form of the concourse should encourage interaction and create a place for debate and dialogue, which would contribute to fostering deeper social relations.

“When designing the new museum we were inspired by the words of former Polish prime minister Ignacy Paderewski in a 1918, speech when he referred to the strength of Polish identity built by a community of committed people,” adds Krzysztof Moskała, another co-author of the design.

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