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Swipbox comes Nær

Eurobuild CEE 09 September 2019
Swipbox comes Nær
DHL Express and DHL Parcel has already agreed to use the service

POLAND Swipbox has launched a pilot parcel delivery locker service in Denmark and is to come to Poland by the end of the year.

The Swipbox Infinity locker can be placed on any type of floor, outside or inside a building. The locker has no screen and is battery operated with enough charge to work continuously for ten years and will communicate using Bluetooth with any smartphone installed with the Nærboks app.

“We plan to install 10,000 lockers 350m apart to provide the most convenient access to the chain. It is easy to install the lockers and 40 of them were set up in a single day. Swipbox Infinity is not dependent on the electricity grid, which has allowed us to reduce their production and operating costs. We’re going to test the system in Warsaw in Q4 of this year. We are planning a large number of distribution points. The lockers are of different sizes depending on the demand and they can be installed in office buildings and shops as well as in car parks or on pavements,” says Michał Czechowski, the CEO of Swipbox Polska.

Swipbox has already installed 150 lockers in Poland this year in Biedronka grocery stores, a chain owned by Jerónimo Martins. The largest parcel collection point is in the Carrefour hypermarket in the Targówek shopping centre in Warsaw. The company is also working with the Polish Post Office [Poczta Polska] to install a further 200. DHL Express and DHL Parcel has already agreed to use the service.

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