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Novisa at work in Wawer and Białołęka

Opr./edited TC 16 September 2019
Novisa at work in Wawer and Białołęka
Jeziorowa Park will have around 50 houses
POLAND Novisa Development has launched work on further stages of two of its Warsaw projects: Jeziorowa Park in Wawer and Ogrody Przyjaciół in Białołęka.
A number of houses in four formats with from 84 sqm to 167 sqm are under construction in the latest stage of the Jeziorowa Park project. Prices start from PLN 5,600 per sqm and each house has two parking spaces. Construction work on the next two stages, which comprises a total of 13 houses, began this month and their completion is planned for May 2021. Eventually Jeziorowa Park will have around 50 houses and the project includes a recreational area, a playground and 50 bike racks. The developer has also started sales for four more houses in the Ogrody Przyjaciół 3 residential estate, with prices starting from PLN 354,000. The house on the estate have a useable area of from 64 sqm to 82 sqm as well as attics that could possibly be converted into more space. “It is a large comfortable space that buyers can convert into an additional wardrobe, a room or an office,” says Jakub Mrówka, the CEO of Novisa Development. Construction work has already started and it will be completed in December. Handover is planned for May 2020.
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