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Comarch opens Innovation Space

Opr./edited AZ 01 October 2019
Comarch opens Innovation Space
The zone is designed to showcase Comarch's product range of business IT systems

POLAND Comarch has set up its Innovation Space [Strefa Innowacji] zone in its headquarters in Kraków.

This is to be where the company’s products and services are displayed using multimedia. Comarch’s Innovation Space has been divided into several sub-zones, each for showcasing IT systems for individual sectors of the economy, including the retail and production segments.

The stands feature multimedia presentations of case studies of systems provided by Comarch. These include e-mobility systems, the store of the future and the Internet of Things as well as 5G networks, artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Visitors can also find out about Comarch Cloud Infraspace – a cloud system that enables businesses to carry out digital transformations and optimise their costs. At the entrance to the Comarch store, visitors are given a smartphone with a built-in app that acts as a guide to the exhibition.

“The application is integrated with Comarch Beacon transmitters situated around the room. In this way, guests are directed to specific stands. A similar system has been introduced in a shopping centres as part of the project for implementing Location Based Services for marketing,” explains Łukasz Sutor, the director of marketing of the service sector of Comarch.

ERP (enterprise resource planning) and business intelligence systems are also showcased in the zone. Visitors can see how machine learning, analytics and artificial intelligence technologies improve company processes and data. Concepts related to the retail and production sectors, such as customer experience, omnichannel and Industry 4.0, are explained along with IT systems for building and managing customer loyalty, supply chain automation systems and those for electronic communication with commercial partners and suppliers. There is also simulation of Comarch’s ‘Global Operations Center’.

“This is a place where Comarch’s employees can monitor the health of customers’ networks and infrastructure and react to failures that are detected. The Global Operations Center is also a single point of contact for our clients. Failure reporting and resolution is more efficient because engineers take over the entire process: from receipt of the notification, through contact with the suppliers, to the final analysis of the event and feedback for the customer,” claims Dagmara Skomra, the Comarch ICT system manager.

“Comarch Innovation Space is one of the few places where advanced information technology is presented in one space. The zone has been prepared for business people who want to find out about Comarch’s product range. It will also be open to high school pupils and students of all fields of study,” adds Gabriela Nadczuk, the director of marketing in Comarch’s ERP division.

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