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Limitless knowledge from the store of the future

Opr./edited AZ 04 October 2019
Limitless knowledge from the store of the future

POLAND Polish cash & carry chain Eurocash and Microsoft together with a number of partners have showcased Detallista 4.0 - their blueprint of the store of the future at a conference held in Łódź in late September.

Microsoft’s vision is of a store that recognises the consumer and can interact with them. One example is an intelligent rack equipped with sensors and cameras, so that the owner of the store knows who visited it and how much time they spent in it, as well as what products they chose and which ones they rejected. Another element is a shopping trolley with a scanner and cashier, which was developed by Smart Cart, a partner of Microsoft. This eliminates queues and also allows you to make purchases without cashiers, as well as on non-shopping Sundays. Screens installed the shelves can display content tailored to the consumer subject to their age, gender or mood. They can also display advertisements and product data or information about current promotions. Also, they interact with the user when they pick up the product from the shelf.

The combination of real-time data from store sensors and information about the local market contributes to forecasting daily and weekly sales based on an analysis of consumer profiles. As a result, store owners can understand customer behaviour and expectations better, thus supporting inventory management, among other aspects of their businesses.

“With mechanisms that analyse the presence of customers in the store, we are able to build a better portrait of them. We can not only confirm their gender but also what shopping mood they are in. We know exactly who is handling the products on the shelves and based on this we can adjust the product range better. We can also offer customers complementary products, thus increasing the value of their shopping baskets. This is the first time we have had the chance to collate such precise knowledge about the customer,” explains Jarosław Sokolnicki of Microsoft.

Eurocash is also offering a platform that allows you to order products to the store using your smartphone. The tool ‘learns’ the user’s behaviour and creates shopping lists based on this. It can also pass on the information in the TV campaigns of FMCG producers to retailers.

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