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Kaufland takeover of Tesco stores still under scrutiny

Opr./edited AKL 06 November 2019
Kaufland takeover of Tesco stores still under scrutiny
The three stores waiting for approval to be sold are in Warsaw, Wrocław and Lublin

POLAND The Polish Office of Competition and Consumer Protection [UOKiK] is to subject three potential acquisitions of Tesco stores by Kaufland Polska Markety to a second stage of approval scrutiny.

The locations in question are in Lublin, Wrocław and Warsaw, where, according to the anti-monopoly body, more market research is required before the transactions can be approved. The properties, which are owned by a holding company controlled by Snowfinch, Zodiac and Tesco, are situated at ul. Orkana 4 in Lublin, ul. Długa 37/47 in Wrocław and ul. Gen. Augusta Emila Fieldorfa ‘Nila’ 41 in Warsaw.

According to the applicant, Kaufland, the estimated total market share of the businesses on their individual markets are already high and range from around 20 pct to more than 30 pct. However, this contention, in UOKiK’s view, would have to be verified by a market survey. Furthermore, there is no reliable data on the individual retail markets the stores operate in, i.e. the size of the markets, the market share of the store and the market share of their competitors.

The initiation of the second stage of the process does not guarantee that a positive decision will be made in the future and the company could possibly withdraw its application at this stage.

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