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Modernistic modernisation for Gdynia theatre

Opr./edited AZ 07 November 2019
Modernistic modernisation for Gdynia theatre
The Witold Gombrowicz Theatre is to be refurbished in the modernist style of the town

POLAND Architectural studio WXCA has prepared the design documentation for the redevelopment of the Witold Gombrowicz Theatre in Gdynia.

The building, which dates back to 1952, is to be reconstructed to complement the older modernist buildings in the neighbouring are that are characteristic of Gdynia. The cost of the redevelopment will come to app. PLN 14.3 mln, with the project to start in 2021.

The building’s façade will decorated in a modernist style. The entrance area is to be highlighted by the divisions designed for the façade. This will also emphasise the name of the theatre. The building will also be taller when the work is finished, with its attic to be raised, the roof rebuilt and the new space thus created serving as a warehouse. The eastern wall of the building will also be moved towards the street.

The stage, meanwhile, will be equipped with a set of computer-controlled stage barrels and lighting bridges. The foyer, café and entrance hall will also undergo changes. The mezzanine will be retained as a place for art exhibitions and as a second floor of the café.

“The renovations will please not only the actors but also local residents. The biggest and most visible change will be the new façade and the simplified body of the building. The cloakroom is to be enlarged and the café redecorated. Most importantly, the building will be adapted to suit the needs of people with disabilities,” revealed Wojciech Szczurek, the mayor of Gdynia.

“The building will be modern and functional. There is to be a conference room on the second floor of the building, where meetings, workshops and small events will be held. The design proposed by the architectural studio fulfils all our expectations for this unique spot on Gdynia’s cultural map,” added Marek Łucyk, the deputy mayor of Gdynia for development.

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