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Iconic corset tiles from Paradyż

Opr./edited AZ 07 November 2019
Iconic corset tiles from Paradyż
The Modernism range revisits the corset tiles popular in the inter-war years

POLAND Ceramika Paradyż and Studio Ganszyniec have launched their Modernism tiling collection.

The range features pre-war-style corset tiles characteristic tiles as well as universal square and hexagonal tiles.

Corset tiles are ceramic with characteristic interlocking indentations – and were commonly used in interior design in pre-war Poland. The tiles could be found not only in modernist tenement houses, but also cafés, restaurants, bars and shops. Examples and remnants of such tiling can still be found in historic buildings across Poland. But now, after being regarded as outmoded, these characteristic floors and walls have been coming back into fashion.

Ceramika Paradyż together with the designer Maja Ganszyniec decided to recreate the timeless charm and durability of corset tiles for their joint collection Modernism. The products retain the shape of the original tiles but possess added durability and practicality due to the use of modern technology. As with the pre-war originals, high-quality dyed stoneware has been used, which is both durable and universal in terms of design. The tiles come in timeless and subtle shades of black, white, grey, blue, brick and ochre.

“We have some wonderful pre-war patterns in interior architecture. Natural, beautiful and durable materials were used at that time: wood, ceramics and brass. It’s well-worth drawing from these traditions,” explains Maja Ganszyniec.

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