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Embracing an ageing workforce

09 December 2019

Embracing an ageing workforce
Those over 50 are beginning to represent an increasing proportion of the workforce
POLAND According to the ‘Generation 50+ at work – truth and stereotypes’ report by Essilor Polonia and Bigram 59 pct hold a degree and more than half claim to know English at an advanced level.

They also keep up with social media and around 95 pct have a LinkedIn page while 56 pct have a Facebook account.

On the other hand 11 pct of recruiters believe the older generation are not willing to acquire new skills. Around 70 pct of companies say they do not consider the age of potential employees, but still state that the ideal candidate will have around five years professional experience, while many over the age of fifty claim to be subject to discrimination. argue that they are not guided by age determinants in recruitment, when asked about the preferred seniority of potential employees, they indicate candidates with around five years of experience. “We often hear the opinion that people of over 50 on the labour market are not flexible enough and are not up to date with new technology. The results of the Generation 50+ study show that these are harmful stereotypes, which can translate into companies being unwilling to employ those over 50,” says Piotr Wielgomas, the CEO of Bigram. The report was based on research conducted in August and September 2019. The study interviewed HR personnel from 301 small, medium and large businesses and included 455 working people between the ages of 46 and 65.

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