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Don't try that on in the real world

Eurobuild CEE 02 January 2020
Don't try that on in the real world
POLAND The Matchup app will be available in Poland on Google Play and App Store from next February. The app allows users to select the correct size of clothing when shopping online using personalised measurements of a shoppers figure.

“After reading the label, the app will compare it to our figure and present it graphically onscreen showing where the clothing will be too loose or too tight. You create an account on Matchup as soon as you download the app with a user friendly account creator guiding you step by step through the registration and the tutorial. In this way, we want to simplify and optimise online shopping with only minimum input from the user,” explains Mirosław Wawraszko, the creator of the Matchup app. Any number of profiles can be connected to a single account so that users can do their clothes shopping for the entire family and users can agree to share their profiles. “If you ask a friend to send you their profile on the app, you can surprise them with a fashionable gift without buying the wrong size. The app automatically fits each item to everyone in the account. Using the app you can buy gifts or recommend specific items to individual people,” he adds.

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