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Designer diner vibe in historic Warsaw

Opr./edited AZ 06 February 2020
Designer diner vibe in historic Warsaw
The TGI Fridays on ul. Chmielna is situated in a listed historic building

POLAND The latest project by design and fit-out specialists Forbis Group is a restaurant for American chain TGI Fridays in a tenement building on ul. Chmielna in Warsaw city centre.

Forbis was responsible for both designing and the construction work for the new restaurant, which is located in a listed historic building, with the work requiring close cooperation with the monument preservation authorities. The introduction of modern systems and American design to the building formed an important part of the work.

One characteristic element of the restaurant is its main zone, which features a domed skylight through which the play of light in the room changes depending on the time of day.

Local motifs have also been used in the decor. “We achieved this by finishing the floor by the bar with the traditional Warsaw corset tiling [gorseciki] that can still be found in old tenements in the city,” explains Magdalena Kołodziej, an architect at Forbis Group.

“The client engaged us at the initial stage of the investment, so we were able to perform a full audit of the area. This allowed us to prepare a well thought-out work schedule and budget for taking on the challenge of adapting space embedded in ul. Chmielna historic fabric for commercial use,” adds Mateusz Laskowski, a board member of Forbis Group.

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