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Keeping tabs on the tenant

Eurobuild CEE 18 March 2020
Keeping tabs on the tenant
The remote sensor plugs into an ordinary electricity socket
POLAND The Renteye sensory system has been launched on the market.

The system monitors, smoke noise and humidity in an apartment and can be used to monitor residential tenants who make too much noise or ignore smoking bans. The system was developed in a business partnership with the Białystok University of Technology. The sensor array looks like a telephone charger and is permanently connected to the internet. “Our product addresses the problems of companies and individuals who act as landlords, but it is not just for them. We’ve also seen a lot of interest from housing association managers and cooperatives since it is an effective and cheap way to monitor common areas. Till now there has been no other product on the market – neither in Poland nor anywhere else in the world – that would allow a property to be continuously monitored while respecting the privacy of the tenant. The system save time, nerves and money,” claims Michał Powichrowski, one of the designers of the Renteye system. The sensor plugs into an ordinary electricity socket and can be configured using a mobile app. The system also includes a platform for companies that wish to monitor a large number of apartments at the same time from a single account.

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