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Automated warehousing by MW

Eurobuild CEE 24 March 2020
POLAND MW, a company that is 60 pct owned by M.B.B Logistics and 40 pct owned by Wing Sing Supply Chain, has created a robot management system, which uses machine learning to improve its order processing operations over time.

In a traditional warehouse an employee will spend an hour to collect between from 70 to 100 items, whereas a robot will collect up to 500. In a traditional warehouse an employee will spend an hour to collect between from 70 to 100 items, whereas a robot will collect up to 500. A total of 57 robots operate over an area of 12,500 sqm with 650 shelves and the robots are designed to work safely among human employees. The system also includes six robot charging stations and seven operating stations, where employees can check inventories, pack parcels and place incoming goods into storage. The robots can operate continuously for nine hours on a single charge and will automatically go to charging stations themselves when power levels drop too low. A ten minute charge is enough for a further two hours of operations. When not in use robots automatically switch into standby mode. The introduction of the system resulted in an almost fourfold increase in the productivity of order picking by reducing employee movement in the building. These are not the only savings generated by the system. “Robots do not need lighting for work, so many of the lights can be turned off, which results in savings of several thousand euro per year. Work conditions have also improved, resulting in a lower employee turnover. With the easy-to-use system, we have reduced the time needed to train new employees, which also results in savings. We have also increased our capacity and are able to handle more orders. The project also helps companies to achieve their zero emissions targets. Furthermore, the project takes into account companies' aspirations to achieve zero emissions and,” says Krzysztof Roszyk, the operations director of M.W. The company is 60 pct owned by M.B.B Logistics while the remaining 40 pct is owned by Wing Sing Supply Chain. The company works closely with the Poznań School of Logistics.

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