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Łódź is a growing office market

Magdalena Reńska of Skanska Property Poland

"Łódź is a growing office market – and this is very visible. You can see that the people there are ambitious, full of energy. This is also evident to employers. More and more companies are emerging in Łódź. We, as developer, have to keep up with the pace of the growth," told us Magdalena Reńska of Skanska Property Poland.

"Skanska Property first came to Łódź in 2007, when we bought our first plot in the city. Now, as the city reaches its best ever momentum, we are developing our third project in Łódź," Magdalena Reńska of Skanska Property Poland said. "Last year we successfully leased out Nowa Fabryczna to an occupancy level of 81 pct. It’s important to note that it was to four office tenants, which means that single deals for such large areas are more significant for this market than for other regional cities, where there are more such deals, and more often, but for smaller space. So when an investor decides to invest in Łódź, it usually does so on a big scale. However, the Łódź office market is not so big – around 360,000 sqm. Currently we are at the planning stage of our Brama Miasta project and should be moving to the construction stage soon. Altogether 90,000 sqm has been built or is being built by Skanska Property Poland in Łódź. I would also like to highlight that Łódź is a very friendly place to invest in. We can definitely feel this. And as we prepare Brama Miasta, the city council’s positive attitude towards the project is very evident to us," she added.

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