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Because a good turn always comes back

"Hello everyone, my name is Szymon Majewski, one of the most renowned fine art critics as well as of the visual arts, the performance arts and let’s not be forgetting sculpture. I am that very specialist who on Dec 6th will be at the Eurobuild Awards Gala and it’ll be me myself in person who has the singular pleasure of being the auctioneer for that most wonderful of charities, the Iskierka Foundation," said Szymon Majewski, Iskierka Foundation friend.

"The object that is to be auctioned is this picture... or rather the painting that is going to be here. At the moment all you might see is a canvas on an easel, but we already know that this canvas is simply exquisite. And that’s because it’s white. Not just any old white but the most white of all whites. You won’t ever see any such white after just doing your washing. It’s only us who’ve been able to present to you such a white as this. When I take a look on the other side, what is it that I see? It’s an easel, but one made of the most fabulous of woods. And who is the artist that is going to paint this amazing picture on this exceptional canvas? It is our friend Minh Dam. He paints the most phenomenal pictures so let me just start reviewing it now. The picture that is to be here will be absolutely incredible. Particularly when you see what’s going to be in this corner, although maybe you can't see it at the moment. At the top it’s going to be even more magnificent because maybe you’ll be able to make out some even more fascinating detail. Maybe it’ll be the sky, but I will not say that with total certainty. On the other hand the reason why you’ll just have to buy this painting is firstly that all the money will go to the Iskierka Foundation, and secondly - the painting itself will be rectangular. And what a rectangle it’s going to be. Unlike square paintings, rectangular paintings are just so much, much more valuable. This one will clearly be rectangular. If it were triangular, it wouldn’t count and were it round - even less so. As a result I will just have to advise you to buy the most incredible of paintings that is going to be just right here! I will be with you on Dec 6th at the Eurobuild Awards and I will hand over everything, which includes the picture with the paints on it and all," told us Szymon Majewski.

Children are also encouraging you to take part in auction:

- Who will bid more?

- Why is it worth helping others? Because a good turn always comes back. Because helping people brings joy

- Thank you for your help!

- ‘Ank you!

- With the money collected we’ll buy some super equipment and we’ll be able to go on the rehabilitation camp.

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