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edition 5 (220)
May 2017

On dreams coming true

Ewa Andrzejewska

On dreams coming true

Tamino had a magic flute and Papageno had a set of magic bells. I was watching this performance of Mozart at the National Opera in Warsaw and it made me think of the old Czechoslovak children’s serial Arabela, about a girl who only needed to turn a ring on her finger to make a dream come true. Who wouldn’t like to have such a precious artefact or at least a magical instrument? Something that would make life easier and more pleasant?

It seems that some developers are now trying to provide corporations with such ‘tools’. Corporations can just make a wish and developers will make it come true. As long as the wish is for a new head office that helps to establish the profile of the company. Are BTS office projects, which are designed to fulfil all the needs and whims an organisation might have, likely to become a popular trend? Or are they just a marketing gimmick? We pondered this question in the article entitled ‘A Good Tailor Needed’. Treasure (but not of the magic variety) can, however, turn out to be extremely costly, if finding it results in stoppages on building sites. On the other hand, it can be of priceless value for a developer if its historical value is used to add prestige to a project. So we decided to take a look at the sort of things that can be excavated during the construction process. Sometimes a cemetery can be unearthed, other times we might happen upon an erratic rock, or even ancient jewellery – as happened during the construction of the Forum Gdańsk shopping centre. You can discover more about this in the ‘Treasure on the Building Site’ article. The latest jewel in the crowns of Golub GetHouse, Griffin Real Estate and Murapol could turn out to be apartments for rent. Western funds are already poised to make their move into the Polish rental market, which we examine in ‘Putting up the Rentals’. So I hope reading this issue will go some way to helping you find whatever treasure you are seeking in business and life.

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