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edition 12 (226)
December 2017
Christmas Feature

Painting you a very merry Christmas

How some of the main movers of the real estate sector decorated Christmas baubles for a good cause

Ewa Andrzejewska

Painting you a very merry Christmas

That special day is approaching that warms everyone’s heart, softening Even those in the real estate industry that are made of glass and steel. As The sector sends out its warmest Christmas and New Year greetings, take a peek at what we’ve been doing...

Christmas in the real estate world comes in November. You can tell by the fact that shopping centres are full to the brim every day and not just at weekends, as ‘Last Christmas’ blares from the tannoy. In offices. negotiations will have already begun over who’s going to work over the Christmas/New Year period and when to hold the firm’s Christmas party. Warehouse managers will already be struggling to find the hands to work in their distribution centres. This pre-Christmas frenzy has already infected Eurobuild’s editorial staff and has broken out elsewhere in the sector. Ten real estate companies accepted our invitation to have some fun with us on one November afternoon, as we took over a Warsaw restaurant and transformed it for the day into a bauble painting workshop. The Christmas tree decorations we created will go to the Iskierka foundation, which supports the families of children suffering from cancer. The money that we raised on the day will also be donated to the foundation along with all our warmest wishes, which we tried to transfer onto the glass.

We wish you a wonderful Christmas time and many happy days in the coming New Year!

Radosław T. Krochta, president of the board, managing director, MLP Group: Love, health, happiness and all the best at Christmas and in the New Year.
Jolanta Nowakowska-Zimoch: head of real estate Poland Group, Partner, Greenberg Traurig: I wish you enthusiasm, energy, happiness and unfaltering optimism as well as wonderful friends and the knowledge that you are surrounded by good people – and that is enough for anyone to be happy.
Dorota Latkowska-Diniejko, co-founder and managing partner of the REINO Partners group: Have a wonderful and happy Christmas among all your family and friends and a happy New Year in 2018 – may all your dreams come true and all your deals be closed!
Łukasz Mazurczak, director of office operations, property management, JLL: I wish you many beautiful moments of joy and happiness which will return again and again many times over. All the best for the coming Christmas period and the best of luck!
Arkadiusz Rudzki, managing director, Skanska Property Poland: For the coming Christmas period, I wish all our clients, business partners as well as our respected competition plenty of joy and energy for your holiday preparations as well as a healthy and happy Christmas. I also wish them all the success and job satisfaction possible over the coming year.
Stanislav Frnka, CEO of HB Reavis Poland:Šťastné a veselé sviatlaj prajem! Bohatého Ježiška! Veľa zdravia a úspechov v novom roku 2018!
Anna Pakulniewicz, journalist, ‘Eurobuild Central & Eastern Europe’: I wish everyone love, success and plenty of joy in their daily lives – and not just for Christmas.

Aleksandra Zentile-Miller, director, Chapman Taylor: Wishing all the little, big and grown-up children (who are the same as the little ones but won’t always admit it) lots of spark and sparkle in their private and business lives, turning them into little stars – or maybe even bigger ones - to brighten up Christmas and the festive season as well as everything they do in the coming New Year!

I wish everyone to be ready and able to give others, and not just a small, but a big friendly smile, regardless of age, race, religion or political and social views. A smile costs nothing but can transform a person’s day or even life…

I wish you all a Christmas and New Year full of smiles!

Małgorzata Turek, CEO Griffin Premium RE: All the best. I wish you lots of joy, optimism and many nice surprises

Monika Dębska-Pastakia, president and partner, Knight Frank: A happy and magical Christmas to one and all!

Robert Dobrzycki, CEO, Panattoni Europe: Although time flies quickly throughout the rest of the year, it definitely stops at the end of December. As hard as it sounds to believe, over the Christmas season I do slow down, try to relax, put other things aside and just entirely devote myself to my closest family. May this be a magical time for you all, in an atmosphere of warmth – and hopefully, in true winter surroundings! Have a fantastic 2018 as well as many successes marked by firm handshakes!

Anita Pietrykowska, marketing and communications director for Europe, Panattoni Europe: Wishing you a “warehouse load” of presents, joy, positivity and fun in the snow!

Have a peaceful end to the year as 2018 is just waiting to grab a hold of us real estate people – and it’s not going to let go till Christmas comes again ;)

Ewa Andrzejewska, editor-in-chief, ‘Eurobuild Central & Eastern Europe’: I wish you exactly the kind of Christmas you dream of, regardless of whether it is busy or peaceful: white with hills of snow or on an exotic beach. And in the New Year I wish you every occasion to smile, both when business goes well as well as when we express our warmth to our loved ones!

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