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Connected Helmet to take care of workers on construction site

01 March 2018
Pilot tests on a Connected Helmet have just been begun on the construction site of the Generation Park office complex in Warsaw. The innovative tool - the main aim of which is to increase the safety of workers on the site - is the culmination of three companies' co-operation. - Thanks to a combination of the technological experience of both Intel and Cybercom along with Skanska's 130 years' experience in construction, we were able to develop a solution that is a first for Europe and which has the opportunity of revolutionizing the entire industry - says Renata Nowakowska, Innovation Manager at Skanska Property Poland.

In the near future, the equipment of workers the on Generation Park site in Warsaw will be testing 50 Connected Helmets in the field. Each helmet will be connected to a special system that is able to monitor various parameters. The device - most of all - will warn the construction office in case it detects any abnormalities that would indicate a dangerous situation in progress on the construction site, for example: shock, impact, a fall or a significant increase or drop in the wearer's temperature. The worker’s location on the construction site is sent along with the alert. This has the potential to significantly reduce the response time and improve the treatment given to the person concerned. Furthermore, the helmet also works with other information pertinent to the construction site - the system to which it is connected provides the construction supervision inspector with information on the validity of employees’ medical check-ups, OHS training as well as authorization to perform specialist works.

- The Connected Helmet project was developed last year, when several enthusiasts of innovation from the three companies met. We had a lot of ideas for developing joint innovations. However, we decided to put most of our efforts into developing the helmet. Thanks to the combination of our competences - the incredible IT capabilities of our partners together with our expertise in the construction process and best practice OHS standards - we were able to develop a solution that can substantially increase the safety on the construction site and improve team management - comments Renata Nowakowska, Innovation Manager at Skanska Property Poland.

- The construction industry is one of the most conservative industries and one of the most dangerous. While thinking about its development we looked at innovative solutions that encouraged not only the effective management of the construction site but also solutions that had the potential to save lives. The Connected Helmet is one of the solutions that will become commonplace on Skanska construction sites in the future. Today’s pilot implementation means that it is not some project to be realized in the distant future but something that is being done now - explains Marek Malinowski, Director at Centre for Research and Innovation at Skanska S.A.

- The Connected Helmet is an interdisciplinary project. Its 19-month development involved the participation of a number of construction representatives, members of the OHS Team, the Centre for Research and Innovation at Skanska S.A., the Innovation Team at Skanska Property Poland as well as partners in the IT industry. A variety of optics allowed us to develop a unique solution that helps save lives and support health & safety even more successfully. Furthermore, it is also another step towards spreading intelligent solutions within the construction industry - says Aleksander Szerner, Manager at Skanska S.A.

- At Cybercom, we believe that solutions from the Internet of Things might revolutionize the future - connect people, machines and the objects that surround them. It is the desire to increase safety and facilitate day-to-day life and work that inspires us to create new solutions - comments Rafał Rudnicki, IoT Leader at Cybercom Poland. The potential of the Connected Helmet is huge and we hope that thanks to this technology, which was developed with Intel, the helmet will enhance safety on a large number of construction sites. We hope that our solution will soon become basic equipment an all construction sites across Poland - adds Rafał Rudnicki.

Work on the Connected Helmet has been on-going since 2016.The helmet itself constitutes one of the elements of a larger system for ensuring construction site management. The project will be developed further after completion of the pilot scheme at the Generation Park investment in Warsaw. In the long run, the solution will also be adjusted to other industries where safety helmets are used as well. Furthermore, it will be available worldwide.

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Pilot tests on a Connected Helmet have just been begun on the construction site of the Generation Park office complex in Warsaw. The innovative tool - the main aim of which is to increase the safety ...
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