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Skydiving in Katowice

Eurobuild CEE 12 June 2017
Skydiving in Katowice
This year the Skydiving World Cup and the Polish Skydiving Championship were held at Flyspot Warsaw
POLAND Flyspot has opened its second vertical wind tunnel in Poland in Katowice at ul. Chorzowska 100 in an investment of PLN 28 mln.

The first such facility was opened in Mory near Warsaw. “We are also planning to build another tunnel in the TriCity,” says Michał Braszczyński, the president of Aerotunnel. “We offer the greatest wind speed in the business, 320 km/h and the most stable ‘fall’ with no turbulence. While designing the facility in Katowice we did not make any compromises over quality. We are sure that just like our project in Warsaw, Flyspot Katowice will enjoy great popularity among occasional amateurs and professional skydivers alike,” he adds. Construction work on Flyspot Katowice started on 30th March 2016. The closed air circulation wind tunnel was built in accordance with the parameters of Indoor Skydiving Germany and as a result the tunnel generates no turbulence even at a speed of 335 km/h. The 17m tall wind tunnel has a flight chamber diameter of 4.2 metres and is housed in a 38.5m building with an 11m high basement. This year the Skydiving World Cup and the Polish Skydiving Championship were held at Flyspot Warsaw.

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