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Three go through to shipyard final

Eurobuild CEE 13 July 2017
Three go through to shipyard final
The visualisation of the project to be developed by the first investor in the shipyard, BPTO
POLAND New investors have chosen three design teams to prepare the plan for the development and revitalisation of the Cesarska Shipyard in Gdańsk in the second and final stage of the competition.

The studios going through to the final round are MVRDV (the Netherlands), Henning Larsen Architects (Denmark) and Studio 017 Paola Vigano (Italy). The competition for the development of the area of the defunct Cesarska Shipyard was launched by the two new Belgian owners of the site – Re-Vive and Alides (who purchased the plots from Partners Group and Northern Horizon Capital) at the end of May. In June, during the first stage of the competition, architects and urban planners were invited to submit their entries.

“Sixteen architectural and urban planning studios were willing to participate in this extraordinary event,” says Nicolas Bearelle of Re-Vive. The development plan should specify the principles for designing the new quarter under the existing local development plan. “A quality committee has been appointed to support the candidates in preparing the development plan,” reveals Rikkert Leeman of Alides. The quality committee comprises local government representatives, conservators-restorers and a range of experts,” say the investors. The winning design team is to be selected by the end of December 2017.

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