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Lit up in Tokio

31 July 2017

POLAND The Tokio LED light fixture from GTV is designed for lighting passageways and can also be used for lighting the area around a building – a patio, terrace or drive.

One variant of the light is fitted with a motion detector, while the other is fitted with a light sensor so that it automatically turns on with failing light levels.The Tokio LED fixture is made from polycarbonate and has an IP66 rating which means it is both dust- and waterproof. Additionally, the ceiling fixture has an IK10 rating, which means that it is resistant to impacts and serve even in the most demanding outdoor conditions.

The built-in motion sensor has a maximum range of 8m with a 360 degree view. The fitting comes with a 40,000 hour guarantee, which according to the producer is nearly 40 times more than traditional bulbs, and it may be switched on and off around 20,000 times. The variant with the motion detector offers greater security because it does not turn off completely but dims by 20 pct, which is ideal for frequently used passageways.

The 16W lamp shines with a light of 1,200 lumens of with a neutral white colour equivalent to a black body radiation of 4,000K.

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