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EA: The best office buildings chosen

Anna Pakulniewicz 21 September 2017

Anna Pakulniewicz


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Ania covers the Baltic states’ real estate markets, architecture and urban planning in Warsaw as well as interior design. She is also the co-founder of Eurobuild TV. Among others, she has been employed by TVN CNBC, PAP Insider, WBJ (The Observer), Poland Monthly and IMM. She graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics, majoring in international relations. She has also completed postgraduate studies in macroeconomic analysis. In addition to this, she studied Lithuanian philology

EA: The best office buildings chosen
Architects Stefan Kuryłowicz and Jacek Świderski are responslible for the design
POLAND The Eurobuild Awards in Architecture were handed out during the second Eurobuild Architecture Festival on September 20th. There were five categories in the competition. In the first – the Office Building of the Year – the winner was chosen from five projects, which had reached the grand finals.

The award went to the Q22 skyscraper. Echo Investment, which is the investor and developer of the 42-storey office building in Warsaw’s Śródmieście district, erected a building with 82,000 sqm glaand 51,600 sqm of office space. Architects Stefan Kuryłowicz and Jacek Świderski of Kuryłowicz & Associates took their inspiration for the design from crystalline forms. The building now belongs to Invesco Real Estate.

The Maraton office building, built by the Skanska Group in the centre of Poznań and designed by CDF Architekci (with Karol Fiedor as head of the team), was also nominated in this category. The building has almost 39,000 sqm gla and over 24,000 sqm of office space.

Another project was created by architectural duo Przemo Łukasik and Łukasz Zagała of Medusa Group for the lighting producer Kanlux. The architects converted a former military canteen in Radzionkowo into an office facility. The building has 2,750 sqm gla and 880 sqm of office space. The basic concept of the project was to make the diverse buildings more uniform through the introduction of a gossamer screen to create a second façade. The screen's purpose is to give the building a uniform appearance and correct its proportions.

Nowy Świat 2.0, an office, retail and services building on Warsaw’s Royal Route, was also among the finalists. The building, whose investor is Centrum Bankowo-Finansowe, has been designed as a ‘keystone’ for the two adjacent buildings: a 19th century tenement building and Centrum Bankowo-Finansowe. The design of Nowy Świat 2.0 was created by the Andrzej M. Chołdzyński architectural team. The six-storey building comprises almost 11,000 sqm gla and app. 4,200 sqm of office space.

Marcin Kościuch and Tomasz Osięgłowski were the architects behind the headquarters of publishing house Kropka, which is located in Września and publishes Wiadomości Wrzesińskie magazine, among other publications. This is a small building with 800 sqm gla, 260 sqm of which is office space located on three storeys. On the ground floor, which is a public area, there is to be a customer service office, a conference room, a café and a small car park with bicycle spaces. The editorial office of the weekly magazine is to be located on the first floor, while an internet television studio will be located on the second floor.

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