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Two interiors for NCKF


Premium version of Deutsche Bank

05 October 2017

Premium version of Deutsche Bank
The design is by Tétris
POLAND Deutsche Bank is changing the interiors of its local branches. Its branch at 7 Andersa square in Poznań has undergone a metamorphosis.

Cashiers desks have been replaced by meeting area while the decor is dominated by calm pastel colours as well as warm browns. Circular sound baffles decorate the bare ceilings with visible installations. Glass elements as well as multimedia stations provide the interior with lightness and there are many comfortable chairs. The branch also has a separate conference/banking area. “We try to adjust to the changing requirements of the market and the customer. Nowadays premium branches are consultation points where presentations, lectures and discussions take place. The first thing customers encounter on entering is a computer where the majority of issues can be resolved in a few clicks. The focus is on comfort, certainty and flexibility,” says Agnieszka Karwacka, the director of corporate real estate and services at Deutsche Bank Polska. The design is by Tétris.

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