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Agreement concerning Młode Miasto

Eurobuild CEE 28 December 2017
POLAND Preparations for the development of strategic areas in the centre of Gdańsk are nearing completion. Młode Miasto, because this is what the district developed on the revitalized post-industrial plot is called, will be a mixed-use urban area including public space the frames of which were outlined in a local zoning plan, a public embankment, a residential area and some office space.

Owners of a total of 50-ha i.e. Atrium, Cavatina, Echo Investment, Edonia, Shipyard City Gdańsk agreed on the appearance of the district. The area of Młode Miasto waited for a new lease of life from the end of 1990s. This is when private investors purchased post-industrial areas which used to include a shipyard. Urban planning solutions were developed for them and a local zoning plan was created, based on which the road and technical infrastructure was developed. The 50-ha area is located between Martwa Wisła, the Solidarności square, ul. Jana z Kolna, ul. Marynarki Polskiej and ul. Twarda. Owners of the area started cooperation with a common goal in mind. The launch of initial construction work is planned for the spring of 2018. “It would be futile to look for a similar project in Poland, which will result in the creation of a completely new district in the inner centre of the entire metropolis,” says Sebastian Drausal, spokesperson of Młode Miasto. “A large-scale transformation process will soon be launched on strategically located plots, the effect of which will be a district of the future. It could become a new showpiece of Gdańsk and a source of pride, not only in Poland,” he adds. Studios which were invited to carry out concept and design work related to the newly developed district were: Sasaki Associates, DunnettCraven, Grupa 5 and Atelier Loegler. Thanks to such an approach Młode Miasto will become a modern multifunctional district with a unique public area on the scale of Europe. “After a period of discussions about the development of Młode Miasto, legal and ownership analyses as well as urban planning ones, we are starting to act. The readiness of responsible investors to undertake coordinated activities is a chance for efficient revitalization of the post-industrial area and returning the historical district of Gdańsk to life,” explains Sebastian Drausal. Investors were inspired by such post-industrial areas as the HafenCity in Hamburg, Aker Brygge and the revitalized area of a former shipyard in Oslo, Docklands and Canary Wharf in London as well as South Street Seaport in New York. The restored as well as newly-built facilities along the embankment will include gastronomy outlets, art galleries, boutiques, there will be promenades, cycle paths as well as a ‘Road to Freedom’, a promenade featuring apple trees which will lead from the Solidarności square to the restored embankment. Office space which will be developed at the site will serve an important function in terms of the speed of development of the new district. They will be carried out in the first few stages of development of Młode Miasto – the launch of this type of project is planned for the spring of 2018. Due to the scale of the enterprise, the planned activities will be carried out gradually in a number of stages and they will involve strick cooperation of the investors.

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