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11 January 2018

POLAND In 2017 Lokum Deweloper sold a record-breaking number of 1,052 apartments, representing a 63 pct rise in sales y-o-y.

The sales of a total of 646 apartments were recorded in the company’s financial results for 2017, the highest number in the history of the developer (12 pct growth y-o-y). In Q4 the company sold 401 apartments (79 pct rise y-o-y) with 457 going towards the financial results (up 84 pct y-o-y). The largest number of apartments was handed over in the Lokum di Trevi (stages VI and VII) and the Lokum Victoria (stages IIa, IVa and IVb) estates. “Not only did we exceed our sales targets for 2017 of 1,000 apartments while maintaining margins, but we also achieved our target for apartment sales recorded in our 2017 financial results. Given that the majority of our projects were completed in the last quarter, that was a big challenge,” commented Bartosz Kuźniar, the president of Lokum Deweloper. By the end of 2017, Lokum Deweloper had signed 210 reservation agreements (almost double that of the previous year) with 181 agreements in Wrocław and 29 in Krakow. “With our entry onto the Krakow market and an increased number of apartments offer in Wrocław the potential for finalising apartment sales in 2018 is almost 50 pct higher than in 2017, and we can expect this growth to continue for the following years,” stated Bartosz Kuźniar. “At the end of 2017, 609 apartments were under developer, preliminary and reservation agreements, which represents 63 pct of the sales that could be finalised in 2018. Next year we are planning to hand over the first apartments in our Krakow projects (Lokum Siesta and Lokum Vista estates), while in Wrocław we intend to hand over a large batch of apartments in our Lokum Victoria estate.

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