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Skanska to pioneer solar façades

Rafał Ostrowski 22 January 2018

Rafał Ostrowski


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Rafał Ostrowski has over 17 years’ experience as a journalist. Before joining ‘Eurobuild CEE’ five years ago, he wrote for Wydawnictwo Murator and Shopping Centre Magazine, as well as for retailnet.pl. He has also written for many newspapers and magazines as a freelancer and prepared photo-reportages. Rafał graduated from the University of Warsaw in philosophy. He also completed postgraduate studies in text editing. For ‘Eurobuild CEE’ he covers most real estate sectors, including logistics, construction, office, residential and retail. He is also in charge of the film direction for Eurobuild TV.

Skanska to pioneer solar façades
How the solar façades could look on the Spark office complex

POLAND Skanska has announced it is launching a programme to create solar façades for its future office projects. The first trials of this technology are to be launched this year in Poland, with the aim of delivering a fully-fledged product by 2021.

The programme involves covering both the windows and other parts of façades with semi-transparent photovoltaic cells. The developer has already signed an agreement with technology provider Saule Technologies, which is a pioneer in the ink-jet printing production method of solar cells made from perovskite photovoltaic material. This production method was developed by Polish scientist Olga Malinkiewicz, who is a co-founder of the tech company. Thanks to the licensing agreement signed, Skanska will have the exclusive right to use Saule Technologies’ solar technology on commercial buildings worldwide.

“This is not a science-fiction vision anymore. Working with talented scientists from Saule, we are now turning fiction into reality and creating buildings that are more energy efficient and carbon neutral,” explains Katarzyna Zawodna, the CEO of Skanska’s commercial development business in the CEE region.

According to Skanska, the company intends to be the first developer worldwide to cover office buildings with perovskite solar cells on a commercial scale and Poland is to be the first country where Skanska will do this. The visualisations unveiled by the developer together with the announcement featured the Spark office building, which is currently under construction in Warsaw’s Wola district. This could mean that Spark has been chosen by the developer to be one of the first projects where the perovskite modules are to be installed. But will this be the first one? According to the developer, the final decision on where to use the perovskite modules are first to be used has yet to be taken.

As Saule Technologies has revealed, the windows are to be tinted by using the photovoltaic cells and the level of this will depend on the quantity of the photovoltaic material.

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