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PLN 2.5 bln for Warsaw

Eurobuild CEE 12 January 2018
PLN 2.5 bln for Warsaw
Tramway on ul. Rzeczpospolitej
POLAND The European Commission has approved the EU subsidy for the construction of a new tram route and the extension of the second line of the underground. Warsaw is to get over PLN 2.5 bln.

A new tram line to Wilanów will be built thanks to the subsidy. The European Commission will co-finance the project by contributing over PLN 554.6 mln. The new line will be almost 12 km long and it will have 18 stops. It will stretch from the West Railway Station through: Bitwy Warszawskiej 1920, Rakowiecka, Belwederska and Jana III Sobieskiego to residential estates on the former Wilanów fields. Warsaw Trams have also planned the construction of two branches – along ul. J. Gagarina to Sielce and along ul. św. Bonifacego to Stegny. Under the project they also plan to purchase 50 two-way trams and build a tram depot at Annopol, which is to be environmentally friendly and use renewable energy sources: heat pumps, solar panels and water recovery installations. Almost PLN 2 bln (PLN 1.95 bln) of funding will be spent on the extension of the second line of the underground and the purchase of the rolling stock. The currently constructed stations (three in Wola and three in Praga-Północ and Targówek) will be served by three stations in the north (under the working names of ‘Zacisze’ on ul. Figara near the crossroads with ul. Codzienna, ‘Kondratowicza’ at the crossroads with ul. św. Wincentego and ul. L. Kondratowicza and ‘Bródno’ at the crossroads of ul. L. Kondratowicza and ul. Rembielińska) and two westbound stations (under working names of ‘Wola Park’ at the crossroads of ul. Górczewska and ul. T. Krępowieckiego streets as well as ‘Powstańców Śląskich’ at the crossroads of ul. Górczewska and ul. Powstańców Śląskich). That's about 6 km of the new route.

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