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Robyg hopes to sell 3,300 apartments

Eurobuild CEE 16 April 2018
POLAND Over Q1 this year, residential developer Robyg Group signed contracts on 914 units in Warsaw and Gdańsk, 23 fewer units than in the previous year.

The company is targeting to sign 3,300 contracts in 2018, which will be just below the record of 2017. Sales on around 100 apartments were recognised in the revenue for Q1 2018, which compares to 320 in the previous year.

“To maintain our current rate of sales, we need to continuously place more apartments on the market so the company is starting work on new projects as well as stages of projects in Warsaw and Gdańsk in a systematic manner.The expansion of the Robyg Group land bank, which is something that we are continuously working on, is also of key importance; in Q1 2018 the company acquired over 6.3 ha in Warsaw's Ursus district, which will allow us to construct around 1,800 premises.

Additionally, because we’ve acquired a strategic investor and also extra funds through a bond issue, we will be able to expand even faster and purchase more attractive construction plots. We are also planning to expand to other cities,” says Oscar Kazanelson, the chairman of the board of directors of Robyg.

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