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Service sector still all the rage

Rafał Ostrowski 19 June 2018

Rafał Ostrowski


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Rafał Ostrowski has over 17 years’ experience as a journalist. Before joining ‘Eurobuild CEE’ five years ago, he wrote for Wydawnictwo Murator and Shopping Centre Magazine, as well as for retailnet.pl. He has also written for many newspapers and magazines as a freelancer and prepared photo-reportages. Rafał graduated from the University of Warsaw in philosophy. He also completed postgraduate studies in text editing. For ‘Eurobuild CEE’ he covers most real estate sectors, including logistics, construction, office, residential and retail. He is also in charge of the film direction for Eurobuild TV.

Service sector still all the rage
The annual ABSL Conference took place on June 6–8th in Poznań
POLAND A total of 279,000 people were employed in business service centres in Poland at the end of Q1 2018, according to the latest report by the Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL).

This is app. 35,000 (13 pct) more than a year ago. Around 81 pct of the 279,000 people thus employed work in foreign-owned centres and 19 pct work in Polish centres. The total number of service centres in Poland comes to 1,236 – 54 of which are very large, employing more than 1,000 people. ABSL estimates that between Q1 2016 and Q1 2018, the BPO, SSC, IT and R&D sectors generated on average 90 new jobs per day.

“Today we employ almost four times more people in Poland than in mining,” claims Piotr Dziwok, the president of ABSL and the CEO of Shell Polska.

Wojciech Popławski, the vice-president of ABSL and the managing director of Accenture Operations, emphasises that although the annual pace of the sector’s growth in terms of the number of employees has been in the double-digits in the last three years, the percentage growth rate has been weakening. In 2016 the sector expanded by 15 pct, whereas in the record year of 2015 the growth was even as much as 25 pct. Because of this, ABSL’s projected 10.5 pct growth in employment (to 308,000 people) for the next two years might seem rather conservative.

“We need to bear in mind that today we have a different base than a few years ago. If we have between 340,000 and perhaps 400,000 employees in the sector at the beginning of 2020, that increase, of 10–13 pct p.a., is still very good,” argues Wojciech Popławski. “Let’s also remember that the market is saturated and the rules of the game have changed. We have to start talking not only about workplaces but also wonder what’s behind these numbers, what kind of functions and processes are now coming to Poland. We want all this to be as advanced as possible, creating comprehensive and responsible jobs, with real responsibility for making more important business decisions. And we should go in this direction. It is not so much the quantity but the quality that matters,” believes Janusz Dziurzyński, the executive vice-president of ABSL and the director of business development at OEX.

The percentage of shared services companies planning recruitment drives between Q1 2018 and Q1 2019 has also decreased. However, it is still high at 83 pct (compared to 87 pct last year.).

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