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The dawn of staff free retail trade

Opr./edited AZ 04 October 2018

POLAND Algotech has been testing a new system which replaces traditional shelves with screens allowing customers to make their purchases with a mobile app.

“The system gives vendors and their customers completely new ways to interact while the storefront can be changed on an ongoing basis, without any additional resources. This is made possible by a central management system, which can be used to operate a single store or an entire chain,” argues Zsolt Fekete, the CEO of Algotech. Once a customer buys the products with the app the goods are sent directly to their home. The screens can also be used to present and promote products on request of the vendor and can present additional information about a product to a shopper. “With this system a store need a smaller area, which will significantly reduce its cost or the costs of an entire chain,” adds the CEO. The system can also be used to bypass the Sunday trading ban and could be linked to other home systems. ”Manufacturers are already working on fridges that inform users about what is running out,” says the CEO. “We are still testing and checking each of the functions so that everything works without flaw when it is launched,” adds Zsolt Fekete.

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