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Gdynia takes to building woonerfs

18 December 2018

Gdynia takes to building woonerfs
The project is being developed at a cost of PLN 3.8 mln
POLAND The first woonerf in Gdynia is now under construction on ul. Abrahama between ul. 10 Lutego and ul. Batorego.

“It will slow down traffic and force drivers to look out for pedestrians. It will be a place where you will be able to sit down and relax, a place vibrant with life,” claims Marek Łucyk, a deputy mayor of Gdynia responsible for development. Much of the street is to be planted and 36.5 sqm is to be grass. The woonerf will have a speed limit of 20 km/h and the whole area will be flat with no curbs. The area will have seven parking spaces for delivery vans and the disabled.

“Most of the steps to the stores and service outlets will be removed and a space for prams will he provided by each bench,” says Marek Wysocki, an accessibility expert from Gdynia. Ten new street lamps will be placed on the street .The design is by A2P2 Architecture & Planning and the Nanu architectural studio. The general contractor is WPRD Gravel and the project will be developed at a cost of PLN 3.8 mln. More woonerfs are to come to Gdynia with the redesign of ul. Starodworcowa under preparation and work soon to begin on ul. Pawia.

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