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Public-private cable car with a view

Opr./edited TC 09 April 2019

RUSSIA Moscow city council has announced a competition for the right to build a cable car service to connect districts separated by a reservoir.

The 2.3 km line will connect the north-western districts of Levoberezhny and Tushino, between which lies the oblong-shaped lake Khimki section of the Moscow canal. The project is to be carried out in a public-private partnership under which the private company will be given the licence to run the cableway for 25 years.

The estimated cost of the project will come to at least RUB 3.16 bln (app. EUR 43.5 mln). The city authorities have stipulated that that fares will not exceed RUB 55, the same as for a metro ticket.

During peak hours, the service should be able to handle up to 2,500 people per hour (as opposed to the average of 1,600 passengers) and should carry up to 19,000 passengers a day.

Since last November there has been a similar cable car service over the river Moskva, connecting the Luzhniki stadium and Vorobyovy Gory (Sparrow Hills)Ticket prices on business days are, however, much higher: RUB 400 one way and RUB 700 for a return (around EUR 5.5 and EUR 9.5 respectively), while at weekends there is a RUB 100 surcharge.

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