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Eurobuild CEE 03 July 2019
POLAND Nexity Polska has been awarded a Carbon Neutral Company certificate.

Its greenhouse gas emissions policy involves three key steps: measurement, reduction and mitigation. In practice, this means calculating its current CO2 emission and then introducing appropriate measures to reduce harmful gas emissions into the atmosphere, such as reducing energy consumption. Finally, as part of a voluntary commitment, Nexity will mitigate what remains of its carbon dioxide emissions by actively supporting environmental programmes in the local community. The Carbon Neutral Company certificate has been awarded for the company’s action and not its declared intentions. Over the past year the company’s ecological footprint was equivalent to 124 tonnes of CO2, which it mitigated through its CSR activities. “We are proud to a climate neutral company,” says Adam Dąbkowski, the general director of Nexity Polska. “While we can see the world is changing due to the human activity, we are trying as a company to take responsibility for the environment and to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. We know that we cannot reduce it to zero, which is why what we compensate for what we cannot do through our contributions to the development of simple but effective methods to support the climate, such as supporting the use of renewable energy sources,” he adds. Carbon Neutral Company certificates are awarded to those who meet the criteria set by Gold Standard – an organisation created by WWF. Since 2003, the organisation has been running projects to safeguard the environment including over 1,400 initiatives in 80 countries at the present time. All the projects approved by the Gold Standard, including those developed by Nexity, meet UN global climate goals. As well as reducing its CO2 emissions, the commitment that Nexity also includes involvement in environmental projects in developing countries. To mitigate its own greenhouse gas emissions, Nexity supports the generation of renewable energy in Taiwan and India. Despite Taiwan’s huge potential for generating electricity from the wind along its coast, the coutry is still largely dependent on fossil fuels with which it generates 75 pct of its electricity. Recently, two large wind farms generating 480,000 MWh of clean energy annually have been built reducing annual greenhouse gas emissions by more than 320,000 tonnes. In India, Nexity is supporting the construction of the Godawari 50MW solar plant in Rajasthan, which will eventually generate 118,866 MWh of electricity per year and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 1 mln tonnes. Nexity has been active on the Polish residential market for six years and is developing a number of projects in Warsaw and Poznań.

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