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Eco-living in Żoliborz

Opr./edited AZ 22 July 2019
Eco-living in Żoliborz
Osiedle Mickiewicza is being developed by Skanska and is now in its third stage

POLAND Go4energy has carried out analyses of the energy demand of the third stage buildings of Skanska’s Osiedle Mickiewicza residential development in Warsaw’s Żoliborz district.

The study shows that the methods applied will result in energy savings ranging of around 20–30 pct. By generating numerical models of the three residential buildings and of reference buildings for comparative analyses, Go4energy has been able to estimate the primary energy savings from the heating, cooling, ventilation and internal lighting.

“The analysis showed that the energy-saving systems we have introduced, which are far above current standards, will allow us to reduce the primary energy consumption by between 22.7 pct to almost 28 pct in the buildings in the Mickiewicza residential estate,” claims Aleksandra Sokołowska, a project manager in Skanska’s residential company.

At the same time, Go4energy has carried out the s Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for one of the buildings in the estate, focused on its carbon dioxide emissions over10, 30 and 60 years.

“Because of this, we can gauge the impact of the project on the environment at every stage, from the production of the building materials, through the use of the building, to its utilisation. We are constantly striving to minimise this impact by introducing new innovations and looking for new systems for all our projects. It has to be remembered that the main source of greenhouse gas emissions is energy production. Thus the more energy-efficient our projects are, the less carbon dioxide emissions they generate,” she adds.

Osiedle Mickiewicza has been awarded a final BREEAM certificate (executive stage). The apartments are well-lit and ventilated. Mechanical air circulation systems have also been installed for the car park, stairwells and technical rooms. The hot water for the apartments is supplied by a the municipal heating system. In addition to this, the building has daylight and motion responsive LED lighting.

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