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Forward… and sideways

Opr./edited AZ 12 August 2019
Forward… and sideways
Thyssenkrupp Elevator’s Multi lift is one of more than 300 products to be showcased at the fair

WORLD Thyssenkrupp is to display the Thyssenkrupp Elevator’s Multi lift at World Expo 2020 in Dubai. Through the use of special motors, the lift can move both vertically and horizontally – and even diagonally.

Innovative products from more than 190 countries are to be showcased during World Expo 2020, which takes place in October. For example, at the German pavilion you will be able to see what urban transport might be like in the future. This includes underground logistics, air taxis and lifts that can move vertically, horizontally and at an angle.

“Dubai is both a significant global business hub and a tourist destination. It’s a city that provides a platform for new inventions, attracting people and businesses from around the world,” points out Peter Walker, the CEO at Thyssenkrupp Elevator.

He believes that the special design of the lift could transform the way people move in buildings, while opening up new possibilities for architects as well as building owners and administrators – especially in urban centres that are aiming to develop along the smart city lines. The company claims that the lifts can travel at a maximum speed of five to six metres per second and use significantly less energy compared to conventional systems. This contributes to better building management and reduces energy costs. According to Thyssenkrupp, the new system is also ideal for buildings more than 300m in height.

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