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National Health Fund open to smaller towns

Opr./edited AZ 23 August 2019
National Health Fund open to smaller towns
Chełm mayor Jakub Banaszek and Andrzej Jacyna of the NFZ at the official signing of the contract

POLAND The first shared services centre (CUW) of the National Health Fund (NFZ) in Poland is to open in Chełm in eastern Poland. It is designed to process electronic applications for the issuing of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from across the entire country.

The CUW in Chełm will operate at ul. Ceramiczna 1, in the Chełm branch office of the Lublin Regional Department of the National Health Fund and will start its operations on October 1st this year. Around 30 people will initially be employed in the centre, with the number eventually to grow to 70 employees. The CUW will employ administrative staff, IT specialists and health care professionals. The fund is opening the pilot branch in Chełm with the aim of improving service quality and reducing bureaucracy while adding more electronic services. Further centres like this will specialise in providing specific services, regardless of the province the clients of the National Health Fund live in. This is to guarantee a uniform and high standard of service throughout Poland.

“Why Chełm? We are opening in smaller towns where it is easier to find staff. We want to tap into the potential of young, talented and educated people, who have quite limited employment opportunities today,” explained Andrzej Jacyna, the president of the National Health Fund.

The EHIC card gives holders the possibility of using public health care in EU countries and those within the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), such as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. After being positively verified, the cards will be printed and sent from Chełm directly to the address of the applicant.

“Our town needs development, so I’m pleased that the cooperation between the town’s authorities and the National Health Fund should be beneficial to our inhabitants,” added Jakub Banaszek, the mayor of Chełm.

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