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Pilkington expands in Ostrołęka

Opr./edited AKL 12 February 2020
Pilkington expands in Ostrołęka
The total area of the glass manufacturing plant is to increase to almost 10,000 sqm

POLAND UK glass manufacturer Pilkington IGP has decided to expand its plant in Ostrołęka in north-eastern Poland.

The launch of the work is scheduled for March 2020. Its production capacity is expected to double due to the expansion of the area, allowing additional equipment to be installed as well as staffing levels to increase. As well as increased productivity, the aim is also to as well as to improve work comfort and efficiency. The company has also recently expanding its plants in Kraków and Skierniewice and built a new processing plant in Bialystok.

The expansion project in Ostrołęka involves the expansion of the production hall as well as the office and social space. The total area of ​​the plant will increase to almost 10,000 sqm, enabling further investment in hi-tech equipment and the expansion of the machine park, which will be fitted with three new glass cutting tables with loading systems and two insulated glass production lines.

All the expansion work should be carried out without disrupting the normal operations of the production plant and have no impact on the execution of current orders. The completion of the project is expected in October.

Pilkington produces tempered, enamelled and screen printed glass as well as glass for structural glazing. The company’s Polish factories are located in Skierniewice, Kraków, Bydgoszcz, Białystok, Ostrołęka and Szczecin.

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